food delivery use electric scooter

◆Motor:450W hub motor
◆Controller:9 tubes sine wave controller
◆Battery:48V/60V 12AH-70AH Removale battery
◆Tire:14*2.5 Tubeless Vacuum tire
◆Weight:About 37Kg without battery
◆Cycling Padel:Foldable padel
◆Shocker:Front and back shocker absorber
◆Parking:Double back bracing
◆Brake system:Drum brake
◆Anti-theft:Built-in antitheft and motor lock
◆Color:Pink gold,white,Carnival red,Purple,Matte black,Black,Yellow
◆Key selling point:Three Speed,Auto-Parking,Mobile Charging
system,Removable battery(Except 48V 20Ah lead acid),Padel Assitant,Food

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