sport e scooter with lithium battery 80 kmh speed

◆Motor:2000W Powerful Motor(Can be customized)
◆Meter Display:LCD Digital Display
◆Battery:Lead-acid/Lithium ;96V(can be customized)
◆Tire:Front 13'',rear 12''(Can be customized)
◆Controller:Sine wave controller
◆Weight:70KG without battery
◆Front shocker:Damping Hydraulic Shocker Absorber(customized)
◆Headlight:Dual Lens Highlight
◆Rear Shocker:Widen Hydraulic Shocker Absorber(customized)
◆Brake system:Front/Rear Disc Brake(customized)
◆Anti-theft:Dual remote anti-theft(customized)

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