JI007 electric scooter of three wheels balance type from universeecar
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JI007 electric scooter specification
Long(mm) 1770
Wide(mm) 720
Height(mm) 1080
Minimum ground distance(mm) 100
wheel base(cm) 1260
empty trike Weight (kg) 80
Max loading weight(kg) 200
passenger  2
Front wheels size 3.0-10
Rear wheels size  3.0-10
wheel material real alluminum alloy
power electric 
battery 60V20AH 50km distance                                          
charger position  outside
max speed  35km/h
Transmission ratio hand bar
Motor  Brushless permanent magnet 
Motor power  800W
Break  disc break+drum break
full charge drive distance 50KM-90km depend on the battery
Transmission ratio 1  of  14

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