Electric tricycle adults increasingly popular

 The tricycle for adults is increasing sold as electric tricycle with pedal support.

For the third consecutive year at universeecar, we see the percentage of adult electrical tricycles with pedal support increase with several tens of percent. More and more people with disabilities realize that an electrical tricycle increases their mobility and shape.


Bikes for disabled people.

Until a few years ago, an adult tricycle was seen as a bicycle for disabled people.
Years ago, universeecar gave their special needs bicycles a very modern look and still uses the latest techniques. With a tricycle as the Easy Rider, a lot of attention is given to cycling comfort. Using a  totally different cycling position than a "traditional tricycle for adults," this bicycle is much easier to drive, it has an easy, low entry and exit and very good back support.

With the modern look and beautiful design, many cyclists are proud of this bike.

Electric pedal support tricycle

The electric pedal support increases the reach of the cyclist enormously. With wind or a hilly area the driver can easily cover large distances. Cyclist are no more dependant on taxis they also get healthy  outdoor exercise.

On a regular basis we hear that people with disabilities go by taxi or motor scooter to physiotherapy, and sit there on a stationary bike. Why not visit a friend or take a trip with a (electric) tricycle? Because you always have to cycle yourself , you are always on the move.
When needed, the cyclist can choose between various degrees of electric pedal support and cycle more easily. More and more cyclists realize that their independence and mobility increases, and therefore choose the environmentally friendly electric tricycle. 

With other models of the special needs tricycle of universeecar we see an increase in the electric power assist. universeecar developed its own electric motor for bikes which is characterized by extra power, a quieter engine and a lot smoother engagement.

Senior cyclists in particular have to get used to the sudden involvement of many conventional bicycle supports. The silent system of universeecar can be completely tuned and adapted to all user applications. Especially the elderly users of our low-entry Balance bike,  where you can always put both feet on the ground, is highly appreciated.

Read everything about electric pedal support (Pedelec) for the universeecar bikes. 

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