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Electric car,Electric moped,Electric scooter,Electric Bike,Electric trike
Lead Acid/lithium battery charger for electric car
Lead Acid/lithium battery charger for electric car
Product Description:

lithium battery charger for bumper car,power adapter,power converter,power bank


electric scooter,electric car, electric wheel-chair,
mobility scooter,e motor,electric trike,electric tricycle etc.

Product description


Model: FN600

Input and output line: 2 meter long

Dimensions: 210x120x70mm

Battery type: lithium battery Charger

Working power: 100-120Vac, 50 ~ 60Hz

Suitable for Battery Voltage: 73.5V

Output voltage: 24v 36v 48v 72v 60V (For Lithium battery or Lead Acid Battery Charger)

Output current: 2A to 10A

battery Protection: SCP,OVP,OCP,OTP

Charging mode: constant current - Constant Voltage - trickle (floating charge) three-stage intelligent charging

Charging efficiency: ≥85% (full load)

Working temperature: -5 ℃ ~ +40 ℃

Storage temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

AC power cord, DC connector can be customized.

Operating Instruction

1. Before charging, please connect the DC terminal to battery first, and then connect the AC terminal.

2. After charging complete, unplug the AC terminal firstly, and then unplug the DC terminal.

3. No charging or after charging complete, be sure to unplug the DC terminal and AC terminal.

LED Indicator:

LED 1 red: Power on.

LED 2 red: Battery being charged.

LED 2 Flash: Battery will be charged completely soon.

LED 2 green: Battery has been charged completely.

Charging Indication:


LED1:Red Power on

LED2:Red Charging

LED2:Green Charged


Charger Feature

1.Short-circuit protection
2.Over-current protection
3.Over-voltage protection
4.Reverse Polarity Protection

5.Over-temperature protection

Quality Warranty:12 months